Having lessons from John Hastings at St. Andrew’s Major Golf Club has massively improved my game. In under a year I have managed to drop eight shots .I would highly recommend lessons with John for anyone wanting to develop their game’.

Former Wales and British Lion centre, Tom Shanklin

‘John, I just wanted to say a big thank-you for all your help and patience with my son Kingston.He really enjoys his lessons and looks forwards to them every week.I would highly recommend you to all my family and friends.’

David Cotterill (ex Swansea City player and Welsh international)

‘I have played golf for the last twenty years, whilst enjoying my golf I have not been pleased with my handicap which was rising each round I played. It was at this point I felt I had to do something in order to put more enjoyment back into my game ( I played off 21 )

I signed up to have six lessons with John Hastings as I had been told his approach to teaching was different to many other Golf Professionals.  I then had another six lessons this continued for eight months, the nice thing was that I never felt under any pressure to book the next lesson.

It has been said that John has a unique approach to golf lessons no pressure and very much relaxed, I found with John’s help I was hitting ‘clean iron shots’. Golfers would understand what I mean you do not feel the vibration all the way up the shaft of the club, but just clean contact.

The most difficult thing was to take the tempo I enjoyed on the range onto the course. John kept telling me to stay with it will happen how right he was slowly I found I was enjoying my game again playing within my handicap. Now for the good news, a few weeks ago I enjoyed nine pars three birdies and six one over par giving me a gross 74 as a result I lost five shots off my handicap.Now I am not saying this will happen again but I do know I am playing with a lot more confidence and I am back enjoying my golf which when you consider I am over seventy, I could not have done it without John’s help.

I would like to thank John for all he has done for my golf and I would recommend any golfer young or old who wishes to play better golf to contact him and start enjoying you game more.’


‘I’ve been having lessons with John  at the St Andrews Major  for about 12 weeks now. I have been  playing for 3 years and my game has gradually gone down hill picking up some really bad habits along the way.

The difference he has made to my swing and consistency is nothing short of astonishing.  I am hitting the ball consistently well and my handicap is down to 21 from 26 in the past 2 months

He’s great at explaining things in a simple manner, relating explanations to other interests I have to make it straight forward to understand.

John has made the lessons fun and inspiring and totally tailored to my requirements, quickly assessing where improvements were needed. I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending John’s golf coaching to anyone, whatever level you are playing at.

I am enjoying my golf more than ever – Absolutely superb’

Lee Owen

‘I decided to ask John for lessons, because I observed that many experienced golfers from my club were using him; how right they were.

John is a natural coach, so his brand of “Natural Golf” is well suited to him. The characteristics of a good coach in my view is they have the ability to observe, listen, question and advise based on a sound knowledge and experience of the sport. I found John to have these attributes and therefore transform my swing to become more relaxed yet technically sound; this created a consistency in my game I did not have before. Previous golf coaches I have had lessons from have a preconceived solution to my problem before they have even see me swing – totally not “Natural Golf”  – Thanks John.’


Alan Davies

‘I started playing golf just over 2 years ago and much later in life than many other golfers.  Helping an mature new golfer develop a half decent swing would be a challenge for any golf professional.  I am so pleased to have discovered John Hastings – his approach is simple however this simplicity has been achieved through the distillation of many years of experience and teaching.  John’s teaching style is relaxed and encouraging which has been an important ingredient for me.  He is patient, positive and above all has helped me R E L A X.  Now, whenever I hit a wayward shot, I know I haven’t stayed relaxed through the swing.  I’m playing off 30 now which I never dreamed I would manage this year – John’s coaching has been an essential part of achieving this.’

Annie Blackburn
Dinas Powis Golf Club member

‘Thanks to John’s enjoyable and encouraging lessons, I’ve gone from novice hacker to winning a club competion in my first season as a golfer. His relaxed manner and technical knowledge have brought both great results and even greater pleasure to my golf.’

Howard James

‘I have recently had three lessons with John and can’t give him enough praise. He has very quickly been able to cut through to the problems in my swing and then remedy them. He brings a very calm and logical manner to the lesson and I now feel much happier with the results. Thank you John.

Andrew P

Firstly, Thank you for a great lesson. I learnt many of golf’s principals. I put one of your business cards on the noticeboard at the tennis club in Dinas Powys. I plan to put another on the noticeboard in the tennis club in Barry as well. For your lesson – ” I found in John the consumate professional whose understanding of Golf was explained in a simple and effective manner to all who seek to better their game. I just wished in some respects that I had met him earlier in my golfing career as I would have become a much better player of golf now.’

Kind regards,

Sean Macdougall. Dinas Powys.

” As a mature golfer I was highly impressed by John Hastings’ refreshing approach to golf instruction, his simple and uncomplicated method is so different to other professionals (and I’ve had a few).  I have enjoyed ever minute of our sessions and have seen the improvement in my golf.  I would enthusiastically recommend John to any golfer no matter what your age or ability”.


Michael Sanderson

‘John ,I just wanted to say a big ‘thank-you’to you for the way you have brought my son Dan on this past year which was  by far his most successful to date.He has improved far quicker than I ever thought possible due to your excellent teaching method.The importance you instill in him of never forgetting to have fun as well as improving his technique is I’m sure the reason why he loves playing.Winning the  Junior Club Championship this year along with four other competitions was testimony to your teaching methods and the high-light of his season was winning the Wee Wonders regional tournament which saw him qualify for the Final at Celtic Manor.’

Steve Thomas

‘Having played golf for the last thirty plus years you can imagine the number of bad swing habits collected during that time. John’s keen eye and experience in coaching immediately identified those faults and was able to put in place drills to correct the swing. These simple step by step adjustments are straightforward and uncomplicated. John’s coaching method has not only provided me with a better understanding of the mechanics of my golf swing, but also the belief that everyone has the natural ability to achieve a good standard of golf. I know that there is no quick fix but I am confident that my personal goals will be achieved with John’s help.’

 A. Hobbs – Wenvoe Castle

‘Having just taken up the game I want to say how enjoyable the lessons with John Hastings has been.Being someone who thought learning how to play golf was beyond me I now feel very confidant that I will be able to improve with continued tuition at the same time as having fun.Having previously been told that the beginning would be difficult I have found it to be the opposite due to John’s easy going manner and first class teaching style.His obvious deep knowledge of the golf swing is just part of the reason why I feel very fortunate to have found a teacher who can convey to me in the simplest  terms what I need to do. Anyone wanting to improve their games …look no further than John Hastings.’

Mrs D.W.

‘I have only recently taken up golf and John has taken me from a complete novice who could barely swing a club, to someone who can confidently hit the ball, in only 4 lessons.  His patience and the calm manner in which he teaches has really helped me relax and changed the way I approach the game.  Thanks to John, I have made a lot of progress in a short space of time and will certainly be booking more lessons soon.’ 

John de Maid