Philosophy of Golf

The game of golf has been played for centuries with no one knowing where it was invented or by whom. The Scots have the distinction of having formed The Rules of Golf and Scotland is seen as the spiritual home of this great game which has given pleasure and frustration in equal measure to those who have played it. It’s been said that golf is probably the most difficult of all games to become proficient at and only a very small percentage of golfers attain a single figure handicap. As a Golf Coach of over thirty years standing working in the U.S.A. Germany, France and the U.K. I have come to a decisive conclusion as to why so many fall short of their goals and never fulfil their true potential .In my opinion the problem with the majority of people who struggle with their golf games is mainly due to the fact that they have always looked OUTWARDS instead of INWARDS in endeavouring to unlock their own personal difficulties. As a consequence they have become confused through too much information from Golf Teachers who are mechanically minded, the reading of golf books which adds to the confusion and listening to anyone willing to give advise instead of going WITHIN themselves to where most of their questions would be answered. We have been given qualities from an early age which we have either ignored or have never been taught to utilise such as the Art of Concentration and Relaxation which are the two primary factors in building a solid golf game. We live in an age where there is so much information that its now almost a hindrance instead of a help especially when it comes to golf instruction. This wonderful game of golf is basically a simple game made difficult by those who teach it (coaches obsessed by technique) and the people who look for a panacea to their golfing ills by going from one teacher to the next in search of their own personal Holy Grail. If they only knew how close they are to a better golf game…it’s almost staring them in the face! My role as a Golf Coach is to make you more aware of what you have and how you can teach yourselves…’s simple, effective and successful. If you are the type of golfer who wants to think ,analyse and constantly tinker with their swings I am NOT the person you are looking for….and in closing remember there is no better teacher than you yourself. Thank you. John Hastings