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Have you ever wondered why playing golf well is difficult for the majority of people who play it?

There are four main reasons for this  

1) Golfers THINK too much

2) Golfers TRY too hard

3) Golfers are too TENSE

4) Golfers use too much FORCE  

However, if you could find your NATURAL swing you would improve almost immediately. By learning to do things naturally, you will begin to realise that most of the tools you need to play better golf are hidden within you. My role as your teacher is to make you aware of these qualities and to discover your true potential.

“After more than 20 years of teaching Natural Golf I have seen definite improvement in both beginners and low-handicap players alike.

The Natural Golf way of teaching is to concentrate more on the inner qualities we all possess such as relaxation and inner harmony. Due to the fast paced and stressful lives most of us lead these days, we rarely tap into these abilities.

I have found this method of teaching to be beneficial to many businessmen who struggle with high pressure jobs. The Natural Golf way of teaching brings not only improved golf playing but also enhances ones enjoyment and appreciation of the game. This in turn engenders feelings of wellbeing and provides a means of finding a calm space in other areas of ones life.”


Lesson Prices

1 x 30min – £20.00

1 x 40min – £25.00

1 x 60min – £36.00

Special Offers:

3 x 30mins – £50.00

3 x 40mins – £60.00

6 x 30mins – £90.00

Junior Golf Lessons

5-13 years old

1 x 30min – £15.00

3 x 30min – £40.00

6 x 30min – £75.00

14-18 years old

1 x 30min – £17.00

3 x 30min – £45.00

6 x 30min – £80.00

Group lessons:

2 people – 60 mins – £20.00 per person

3 people – 60 mins – £15.00 per person

4 people – 60 mins – £12.00 per person


9 Hole Playing Lesson

£50.00 (green fee included)